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If there is a live animal in the snare call the relevant animal welfare charity. We do not advise trying to release an animal yourself as the animal could be injured and require medical attention. Record the incident using our Snarewatch report form.


Scottish SPCA
Animal Helpline 03000 999 999

England and Wales

Cruelty line 0300 1234 999

Northern Ireland

Animal Information Line 028 3025 1000, caller ID required


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A cat was almost asphyxiated by what appeared to be a home-made snare in Stoke-on-Trent.

The cat was found in Heron Cross allotments in the town with the snare round her neck. She was released by a passer-by.

The cat arrived home with the wire still around her throat, she was taken to the vet where she recovered.

The vet gave the following statement:

"Taiga presented to Minightvet, Stoke on Sunday the 26th July with a piece of wire firmly lodged around her neck.

"The wire was removed by releasing the loop that had been created in the end of the wire.

"In my opinion the wire had been formed into a snare type ligature shape.

"The wire had caused ligature marks to Taiga’s neck and partially occluded the lymph drainage from her head. If the wire had pulled much tighter it is my opinion Taiga would have been asphyxiated."

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July 2020

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